about-adonis.jpgADONİS Industrial will always exist in any branch of the sector nationally and internationally by virtue of continuously improving its own quality management system by means of its transparent management approach making no concessions with regard to the requirements of its quality management system, being sensitive to technological innovations, being customer-driven and protecting and developing resources as well as by means of the devoted works of its dynamic and competent staff.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be one of the most successful and best companies engaging in the sale and after sales service fields of industrial cleaning supplies, chemicals, paper groups and food products. Furthermore, being a corporation that endeavors to offer its customers the experience of the service quality it grants and thus that has adopted the effort to create value for our country, society, customers and employees by bringing together the ideal with the one seeking for the ideal by means of acting as to the principle based on the creation of benefits.

Our Vision

It is our vision to become a trademark creating added value for its national economy and thus for its country as well as being a trademark in great demand at home and abroad for technology, quality and services it offers in the production, sale and after sale services of industrial cleaning chemicals.


Our sense of quality does not only include our investment activities; we also believe that our company comes into being through our employees and its complete structure. We have the goal that our sense of quality is adopted by all of our employees as a model of living. Attaching importance to the health and safety of employees. Performing all works by observing relevant written laws and regulations. Taking any precautions to minimize the impacts on the environment when planning and implementing works. Creating a prepotent environmental consciousness and thus becoming a model company in terms of
leaving a habitable world for future generations… The products used are chemical components that might harm both users and individuals receiving services, if they are used by unconscious users. Therefore, we prepare and implement a basic and sustainable training program in visual and written forms, being at least as important as the production itself, and we endeavor to generate product labels, instruction manuals, warnings and notifications in a comprehensible manner.

Our Policy
It is our first priority to create value for our customers, to meet their expectations by virtue of quality and steadiness. It is our obligation to stake a claim on our products and to be accompany pur customers also after sale.