Monda / Yüksek Konsantre Metalize Polimer Cila

Monda / Metalized Polymer-consisting Glossy Surface Polish Concentrated Polymer Polish providing high brightness

Seri No: PNDR 2.01.03

Metalized polymer based glossy surface polish Glossy dabbing polish consisting of metal bonded polymer emulsion. Because it consists of more solid materials when compared to normal polishes, the film layer produced on the surface is more resistant and permanent. Protects the surface and provides high brightness. Makes a difference with its perfect non-skid resistance. When it is completely dried after the application; shows resistance against corrosions and protects the surface from water stains, animal, petroleum or vegetable oil stains. Provides such surfaces that are not affected from easily removable detergents. Easily applicable, rapid and balanced diffusing and quickly drying polish. When it is serviced by high-speed polishing machines; gives the surfaces a wet view. Can be safely used on vinyl, rubber, thermoplastic, linoleum, composed surfaces, asphalts, tile marble, primed wood, parquet and concrete surfaces and other various surfaces.

Liter 5lt
Kg 5,15kg
pH 8