Dion / Fırın, Gril ve Yanmış Yağ Temizleyici

Dion / Oven Grill Burnt Oil Cleaning Agent

0,75lt/ Seri No: PNDR 7.10.05 - 5lt/ Seri No: PNDR 7.10.03

High-viscosity heavy oil removing oven and grill cleaning agent. Easily removes stubborn and burnt oil. Removes burnt oil and grease stains, heavy dirt and carbon occurred on the surfaces of internal and external surfaces of the oven, pots and pans, top of the furnace, grills and fryers, doner preparation equipment etc.. Can be safely used on all the heavily greasy kitchen surfaces. It is a high-viscosity product that is specially formulated for increasing the cleaning effect on the surfaces. Cleaning capability is so high due to its long contact period with the surface. Can also be used for opening the obstructed drainages, drains and pipe lines.

Liter 0,75lt - 5lt
Kg 0,84kg - 5,5kg
pH 14