Efos / Kullanıma Hazır Kokusuz Temizleme, Dezenfeksiyon ve Sanitasyon Maddesi

Efos / Concentrated Hygienic Cleaning Agent

0,75lt/ Seri No: PNDR 7.07.05 - 5lt/ Seri No: PNDR 7.07.03

Multi-purpose perfume-free concentrated hygienic cleaning agent for quick and efficient hygienic cleaning in food preparation and presentation areas. Removes the general pollution on all the hard surfaces. Suitable for working areas, cutting tables, kitchen equipment, chillers, walls and surfaces. Removes dirt and completes cleaning and hygiene at once. It is quick and efficient. It can be safely used in meeting the food safety adjustments as a part of hygiene programmes. It is a specially prepared special product that can be used as a spray and clean product for the table and bench cleaning and hygiene in the restaurants, food preparation and presentation areas. It can be safely used on all kinds of hard surfaces and areas requiring hygiene standard such as the kitchens, food preparation and submission areas, restaurants, dining rooms, food service areas in the patient rooms, bars, cafes, tables in the hotel rooms, open area food presentation benches etc.. Also it can be safely used for the hygienic cleaning of all kinds of individual and common contact surfaces such as the refrigerators, chillers, microwaves, ovens, kitchen surfaces, meat grinders, meat cutting tables, kitchen food preparation tables, other kitchen equipment, ashlar, glazed tiles, washbasins, sinks and armatures, surfaces, tea and coffee machines, tea, coffee and water machines in common living areas, cash points, table tops at the reception desks etc.

Liter 0,75lt - 5lt
Kg 0,75kg - 5kg
pH 11