Ate / Oksijenli Toz Ağartma Maddesi

Ate / Oxygen based, TAED-added, Powder Bleaching and Stain Removing Agent

Seri No: PNDR 1.06.02

Oxygen based bleaching and disinfection agent suitable for using in all kinds of industrial washing machines. It is an economical and efficient product that can be used with a single and main washing agent at all temperatures. Highly active oxygenated bleaching agent is an auxiliary powder washing, bleaching and disinfection agent consisting of TAED and an efficient stain remover. Can be used in all types of machines. It can be used safely at all temperatures and hard water. It is suitable for washing all kinds of cotton, synthetic, cotton-synthetic fibrous textiles. Easily removes the hard and stubborn dirt on the textile products of hospital, restaurant, hotel, house, dormitory, clothes etc.

Liter 10lt
Kg 8kg
pH 7