Vesta / Az Köpüren Ağartıcısız Ana Yıkama Deterjanı

Vesta / Main Powder Washing Detergent with controlled enzymeconsisting foam

Seri No: PNDR 1.04.01

Low-foaming powder washing detergent with highly active agent, triple system enzyme and efficient stain remover. Can be used with all types of machines. Can be safely used at all temperatures and hard water. It provides to get perfect results on stains and heavy dirt with its optic conditioners and enzyme content. Its special perfume leaves a permanent and spacious odor. It is suitable for washing all kinds of cotton, synthetic, cotton-synthetic fibrous textiles. Easily removes the hard and stubborn dirt on the textile products of hospital, restaurant, hotel, house, dormitory, clothes etc..

Liter 20lt
Kg 20kg
pH 7