Pomona / Beyaz Opak Özel Pafümlü Sıvı El Yıkama Maddesi

Pomona / Opaque Liquid Hand Washing Agent

5lt/ Seri No: PNDR 8.01.03 - 20lt/ Seri No: PNDR 8.01.01

Specially formulated and produced from high-quality surfactants. It is a special product providing an exclusive softness that can be used in hard and soft water levels. Provides considerable efficient and healthy usage with its refreshing perfume and balanced pH value. Skin-friendly product and it performs an effective cleaning and softness on the skin with its effective care-providing content. Saves economy in usage, can be used in liquid soap dispensers and can be safely used in the bathrooms, toilets and washbasins in all the areas such as schools, hospitals, clinics, factories, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, military units, airports, offices etc.

Liter 5lt - 20lt
Kg 5kg - 20kg
pH 6