Febris / Toz Toplama Maddesi

Febris / Antistatic Dust Collecting Agent

Seri No: PNDR 4.07.03

Provides the polished, unpolished and vitrified surfaces stay well-cared and bright for all times. Eliminates dust formations and provides a permanent and effective brightness. Very effective on dust clothes. Provides a high anti-static feature. Easy to use. Cleans and brightens the surface at once. Time and cost saving. Can be used on various surfaces. Ideal for extremely intense areas. Suitable for all types of hard surfaces. Can be safely used on all kinds of surfaces such as vinyl, thermoplastic, rubber, composed surfaces, asphalt, terrazzo, tile marble, marble, concrete, linoleum, primed wooden surface, parquet etc.. Suitable for polished, unpolished and vitrified surfaces.

Liter 5lt
Kg 4,25kg
pH 12