Medos / Yüksek Yoğunlukta Klorlu Temizleme Maddesi

Medos / High-Density Chlorinated Cleaning Agent

Seri No: PNDR 6.03.03

Hygienically efficient very special general-purpose cleaning agent. Due to its intense and viscous formula; it stays on the vertical surfaces for a long time and its performance for dirt removal is high and efficient because it has a high surface contact period with this feature. Provides hygiene and cleaning in a wide area. It is preferred because it can be used for all purposes. Suitable for washbasins, toilets, drainages, hygiene requiring equipment, bath and toilet floors and walls. Also it can be used as a bleaching and stain removing agent for white textiles and washing machines. Can be safely used for washing the used clothes and mops. Cleans, provides hygiene and whitens the textile products. Can be used as a presoaking agent in order to remove the textile stains. Very effective in the elimination of off odors. Provides comfort with its pleasant and permanent perfume. MEDOS can be safely used for opening the obstructed drains, pipe lines and washbasins.

Liter 5lt
Kg 5,4kg
pH 12