Sirna / Genel Temizlik Maddesi - Nötral Ürün

Sirna / Multi-Purpose General Cleaning Agent

5lt/ Seri No: PNDR 4.01.03 - 20lt/ Seri No: PNDR 4.01.01

Rapid acting multipurpose oil removing efficient general cleaning agent. It is an aromatic special product that can be used safely for the general cleaning of hard surfaces. It is a neutral general cleaning agent consisting of special stain removing raw materials that removes oil and grease rapidly and efficiently. Can be used safely on sensitive areas such as painted and vinyl. Removes dirt without damaging the brightness of the surface. Leaves a clean and pleasant odor. If can be safely used on the floors, vertical and horizontal surfaces and general cleaning by its moist mop and spray and clean method. It is a neutral product suitable for all various areas such as the hard surfaces, windows, washbasins, glazed tiles, all kinds of office equipment, car wash, polished and unpolished floor washing and care. Spray and polish method can be used together with a machine for the floor care. It is a neutral general cleaning agent that consists of oil removing raw materials that can be safely used on plastic, rubber, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, glass, glass fiber, vitrified enamel and other surfaces. It can be used at any point in the internal layout of the cars and in the kitchens. You can get perfect results for window cleaning when used at the recommended solution ratios. Also it can be used for removing the stains on the carpets and floors.

Liter 5lt - 20lt
Kg 5kg - 20kg
pH 7