Ekno / Köpüklü Bakterist Temizleme Maddesi-Asidik-Köpüklü

Ekno / Bactericide cleaner for Bath-WC, Chrome, Porcelain, Ceramic, Sensitive Surfaces

0,75lt/ Seri No: PNDR 5.01.05 - 5lt/ Seri No: PNDR 5.01.03

Acid based hygienic and efficient cleaner and lime remover consisting of high active agents. Easily removes heavy dirt. Used safely in toilets and bathrooms, kitchen and food production areas and other various areas. Surface contact time is high due to its specially intense formula by affixing on vertical surfaces. Thus lime removing, rust and corrosion formations, starch, water stains, algae and alkali pollutions. Easily eliminates the body oil and dirt, water stains, algae and lime deposits. Suitable for stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, ceramic and tile stones. Can be safely used on sensitive surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and other general areas. Used with hard and soft water levels. Can be safely used on EKNO stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, porcelain, concrete, ceramic and tile stone surfaces and floors and especially in the canteens, food preparation areas, toilets and baths. Also it eliminates the body oil, dirt and algae formations and it is efficient in algae and corrosion removal in bath tubs and showers and around the swimming pools. Provides bactericide cleaning and hygiene in open areas where general bath tubes and showers are present, Turkish baths and sport centers. When used regularly, it also provides a clean cleaning that is eliminated from bad odors in drainage and pipe lines.

Liter 0,75lt - 5lt
Kg 0,76kg - 5kg
pH 2