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Adonis Quality Policy


Our establishment;

It maintains its product quality at the highest level with accurate delivery and after-sales technical support mechanism at all service points in the industrial cleaning materials, chemicals, paper groups and food products sales and after-sales service sector, from product supply to sales to the consumer and after sales, and works with conscious suppliers.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, in accordance with the mission of raising awareness of its consumers and suppliers, national and international legislation and all other conditions; It focuses on quality work not only in investment activities, but also in management and employees and the entire corporate culture.

It produces fast and unique solutions for its customers in a mutual communication environment, responds and responds to complaints effectively and efficiently, maintains the confidentiality of complaints, and conveys the importance of handling customer complaints to its staff and customers.

It informs its employees with its strong internal communication and information network and increases its competitive power with the understanding of continuous training.

It ensures that hazards are identified and eliminated in advance by making timely and accurate risk analysis.

It provides a safe working environment for its employees by keeping occupational health and safety in front of every job with the importance it attaches to human health; It prevents work accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. It informs its customers with a basic and sustainable training program and product usage instructions.

With the importance it attaches to environmental health and the prevention of pollution, it ensures that its products are environmentally friendly, and takes measures to minimize the effects on the environment during the planning and execution of the service.

In order to adopt quality as a life model for all employees, it manages all its resources efficiently for the effective execution of management systems and continuously improves the efficiency and performance of the systems.

Yiğit ÖCAL

General Manager

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