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ADONİS ENDÜSTRİYEL TEMİZLİK ÜRÜNLERİ A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) takes all security measures and precautions for the purpose of lawful collection, retention and disclosing of your personal data as well as maintaining and safeguarding your confidentiality.

Our objective is to inform you in the most transparent and explicit manner regarding the methods of collection, purpose of processing of your personal data, the receiving parties, legal justification, and your rights in accordance with the Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698.

  • Scope 

This information covers our potential customers and website visitors. 

  • Overall Information on the Law

Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”) has been enacted on March 24, 2016, and promulgated on the Official Gazette dated April 7, 2016, and bearing the edition number 29677. 

 Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 has been enacted for the purpose of protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly the privacy thereof, regarding the collection, processing, and retention of the personal data thereof and regulating the obligations and the principles and procedures to be abided by the real and legal entities processing the personal data and identifying the personal rights of the entities with the personal data processed accordingly.

  • Data Controller


We, as ADONİS ENDÜSTRİYEL TEMİZLİK ÜRÜNLERİ A.Ş., will use your personal data in accordance with the legislation as stipulated by the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (“Law No. 6698”).


  • Purposes of Processing Personal Data


Our Company performs its services (“Services”) to be able to execute and perform the wholesale and retail trading, distribution and marketing of all sorts of products, particularly the cleaning products and agents. In this context, our Company collects and processes personal data of the leads and the website visitors for the purpose of accomplishing the following objectives and only limited to these purposes.

Your personal data collected such as name & surname, contact information, cookies, IP number, business name, title, employer company and corporate contact information is processed based on legal grounds requiring data processing in order for the data controller to fulfill its legal interests and legal obligations and liabilities, providing you feedbacks within the quotation process in accordance with your complaints/proposal requests, performing the publicity, advertisement and marketing operations and activities of our Company, measuring the visits of the website, provided that the relevant personal data is anonymized by the data subject per se, the explicit consent of the data subject is obtained and on condition not to jeopardize the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject.


  • Providing feedback in accordance with the complaint/proposal applications,
  • Providing information on the commercial activities and operations, publicities and campaigns of our Company and communicating our offers in case of requesting quotation for the performance of the services within the areas of activities stated hereinabove,
  • Improving the website visits, use, transition among the pages and purchasing experiences, 
  • Performing online behavioral advertising and marketing, customer portfolio management, measuring and improving the service quality, communication, optimization, audit, risk management and control, promotion, analysis, interest identification, scoring, profiling, marketing, sales, advertising, communication activities,
  • Recognizing and analyzing the tendencies during the visits of the website by means of embedded cookies, managing the website, obtaining information on the user behavior on the website, improving and developing our products and services and collecting demographic information and data regarding our user base as a whole and performing and fulfilling other processes and operations explained in the cookie policy on our website (the Company is entitled to use cookies and similar technologies collecting and storing data when you visit the corporate website or use the mobile application. You may control and identify your cookie preferences via the relevant settings, please refer to the Cookie Policy on for further information).

Your personal data will be processed for the purposes hereinabove in accordance with the terms and purposes of data processing stipulated in Article 5 and 6 of the Law No. 6698.

  • Transfer of Personal Data


Your personal data collected, as being limited to the accomplishment of the objectives stated hereinabove, will be transferred to the following parties and entities aiming to seek the following objectives within the framework of the terms and purposes of personal data processing as stipulated in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law No. 6698.

Provided to be directly related and in connection with ensuring the legal interests of the data controller, establishing, concluding or performing an agreement, to be explicitly stipulated in the laws, being required for our Company to fulfil its legal obligations, establishing, exercising or protecting a right and not to jeopardize the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, upon obtaining the legal explicit consent in case of requirement of the personal data processing:

  • Bilkent Holding A.Ş., corporations in which Bilkent Holding A.Ş. is a direct or indirect shareholder, affiliated entities and business partners, shareholders, subsidiaries, suppliers of the Company for establishing general procedures, policies and applications, performing the internal auditing, internal controls of the affiliated corporations of the Holding, creating synergy among the Holding corporations, delivering administrative and managerial resolutions and determining strategies,
  • Real or legal entities required by Tax Procedure Law, Court of Accounts, Law on Prevention of Laundering of Crime Revenues, Turkish Code of Commerce, Turkish Code of Obligations, and provisions of other legislation,
  • Legally authorized public organizations and authorities, relevant departments of security directorate and gendarmerie, directorates of police forces, prosecution offices and other entire judicial, administrative authorities and legal authorities,
  • Internal and external auditing firms and auditors as our Company is among the ones subject to auditing in accordance with the Turkish Code of Commerce No. 6102,
  • In case of obtaining the required authorizations and permits or fulfillment of other requirements within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, if required for the activities and services, corporations residing and operating overseas or with the data center, shareholders or principal place of business located overseas, cloud service providers, banks, or foreign corporations,
  • Real or legal entities in which we receive services and collaborate with respect to product/service benchmarking, analysis, assessment and accomplishment of publicity and objectives sated hereinabove, program partner organizations and enterprises, our customers, our contracted enterprises related to deliverance of messages we deliver, and in other circumstances deemed to be required.


  • Method and Legal Grounds of Personal Data Collection 

Your personal data is collected by our Company for the objectives and purposes stated hereinabove within the legal framework by the leads, officials of accounts and leads or through the applications filed on the corporate website and mobile application of our Company on electronic environment for the purposes and objectives stated hereinabove within the legal framework. 

  • Rights of the Data Subject Stipulated in Article 11 of the Law No. 6698 

Acting in the capacity of the personal data subjects, in case you submit your claims related to your rights, the Company will conclude the claim within the shortest time possible and in any case, no later than thirty days based on the nature and qualification of the claim. No fee will be charged for the responses not exceeding ten pages. A process fee of 1 Turkish Lira will be charged for each page exceeding ten pages. In case of delivering response to the application in a recording medium such as CD, flash memory, the fee to be charged by our Company will not exceed the cost of the recording medium.


In this context, the personal data subjects will be entitled to exercise the following rights;

  • The right be informed on whether their personal data are processed or not,
  • The right to obtain related information on the details of the process,
  • The right to inquire the reason for processing their personal data and its conformity with legitimate purposes,
  • The right to obtain information on the domestic or overseas third persons to whom their data are transferred,
  • The right to have inaccurate personal data rectified, or completed if it is incomplete and requesting this process to be notified to the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred within this scope,
  • In case of reasons and grounds requiring the processing of the personal data no longer exist, despite being processed in accordance with the Law No. 6698 and other legal provisions, requesting for the deletion or destruction of the personal data and requesting this process to be notified to the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred within this scope,
  • The right to object in cases of exclusive processing of their personal data by automated systems which produce unfavorable effects to the data subject,
  • The right to claim compensation for damages arising from the unlawful processing of his personal data.

You are entitled to submit your request with respect to exercising your rights stated hereinabove in Turkish and in written or by registered mail (KEP) address with secure electronic signature, mobile signature or through the electronic mail address previously notified to the Company and registered within our systems to the Data Controller in accordance with the subparagraph (1) of the Article 13 of the Law on 6698 and the Communique No. 30356 and dated 10.03.2018 Regarding the Procedures and Principles of Application. As for the applications, information will be provided  only about the applicant and claiming for information on other family members and the third parties will not be feasible accordingly. The Company will reserve the right to verify your identity prior to delivering response.


Your application is required to include the following details and information and documentation, if any, related to be subject matter are required to accompany the application.


  1. Your name, family name and your signature in case of written application,
  2. Republic of Turkey Identification Number for the nationals of the Republic of Turkey, and in case you are a foreigner, your nationality, passport number or identification number, if any.
  3. Notification address, whether domicile or workplace,
  4. Notification electronic mail address, telephone or fax number,
  5. Subject matter of the request.


You may submit your written applications along with the accompanying documents to our Company as the data controller located at Akçaburgaz Mah. 3085 Sok. No:6/2 Esenyurt Istanbul. Click here for the application form.


You may submit your applications via e-mail to


It is required for the information and documentation to enable identification based on your request to be delivered to us accurately and precisely. In case of failing to duly provide the information and documentation requested, certain setbacks could be experienced during the duly execution of the investigations to be performed pursuant to your request. In this case, the Company hereby represents to reserve its legal rights. Therefore, your application is required to be submitted to include the accurate and precise information and documentation based on the nature and qualification of your request.

Write to us and our teams will help you as soon as possible.

Processing my personal data and sending me commercial electronic messages with promotional and advertising content so that products, services and campaigns may be offered for advertising purposes;
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Your personal information that you provide will be processed by us in the processes of satisfaction, suggestions and complaints and will be retained by taking appropriate security measures. You can access the information letter about the Protection of Personal Data from Here

Your personal information will be processed by us for reasons that it is directly related to the performance in accordance with your request, that it is mandatory for our legal obligation to be fulfilled and that your request can be met, and will be deleted and destroyed directly after the fulfillment of the purpose in order to be able to submit an offer in accordance with your request, to be informed about your complaint/proposal. You can access the information letter about the Protection of Personal Data from Here